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Posted: 13/3/2012

So it’s March already, and we’ve pretty much escaped the worst of Winter, not that it had much bad stuff to throw at us this year. I better not have spoken too soon though, as we’ve been known to have snow and frost right into May!

I guess I haven’t talked about our great Saturday last weekend yet. It was a much needed day off, as I think on Saturday I only tweeted once or twice and not much else in the way of work. So what did we get up to?

The afternoon started off with a bit of fun at the Strictly Dance show in the Odyssey. I managed to get half price tickets, so I figured, why not try it out. It was the last weekend of the tour and the cast were just having a good time. I’m definitely not a Strictly fan, but the afternoon escape into a world where ‘celebrities’ danced, ‘judges’ judged, and campness ruled, was welcomed by everyone.

By the time the show finished it was just after 5 and we headed into the City for dinner. First stop was Bert’s Jazz Bar, only to be told ‘we’re full’, end of! The restaurant looked empty but they were full, no compromise and no apology. Next was Cloth Ear, ‘we’re fully booked’, really! A bar gets fully booked at 5.30 on Saturday, lucky Merchant.! That’ll be those Xmas gift vouchers unused for another while.

Unimpressed, we headed over to Deane’s Deli with our new expectation of it being ‘full’, and yes it was fully booked, but we were welcomed, accommodated and there began a wonderful surprise of an evening out. Sitting at the bar, and therefore getting served and looked after even faster than normal, our wonderful hostess was an absolute delight. We worked our way through the Tapas menu and wine and for the next three and a half hours we had the absolutely best service and best evening out in a while. Adding to the whole atmosphere was the musician, playing away in the corner, and he was just superb! I think I’d almost be tempted to have a big party just to hire him to play.

It was a chilled out and relaxing day, finished off with a great tapas meal, great service, great venue, great wine and great music. Just what the doctor ordered as they say.


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