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Posted: 1/3/2013

Passengers Make Healthy Pit Stop


Restaurateur Michael Deane has put passengers on the right track to kick-start healthy eating habits at a special Translink event held in association with Diabetes UK Northern Ireland. 

Lynda Shannon, Communications Manager Translink said: "We are delighted to be working with our charity partner Diabetes UK Northern Ireland to help raise awareness about diabetes amongst our customers, employees and the wider public. We would also like to welcome and thank Michael for providing this unique opportunity for passengers to hear his tips about healthy lunchtime eating and first-hand advice to help reduce the risk of diabetes.

"Getting regular exercise is also part of a healthy lifestyle and as such we encourage more people to think about using the bus or train over the car, as it can be a great way to build some exercise into your busy working day by walking to your local bus stop or train station."

Marina Hoey, National Fundraising Manager at Diabetes UK Northern Ireland said: "We are delighted to be involved in this great event and we look forward to welcoming Michael Deane and promoting Diabetes UK’s messages about healthy eating and lifestyle among Translink’s staff and customers at Europa bus centre.

"Eating a healthy balanced diet is important in order to maintain a healthy weight and prevent conditions such as Type 2 diabetes. With Michael’s help and wealth of cooking expertise we will be aiming to show people that eating healthily does not have to be boring or involve cutting out treats, simply by making sensible food choices and including a variety of different foods, you can still produce tasty and easy meals that can be enjoyed by the whole family."

Restaurateur Michael Deane added: "When making food choices try to choose healthier ingredients. It can be really easy and simple with so much fresh, local produce at our finger tips. Weekly planning is key to success and takes the stress out of cooking, making it easier to enjoy a healthy, balanced lifestyle."

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